Research position at Shenzhen University – Uses of art in urban and rural environments


On behalf of Professor Leilei LI, who teaches in the Media and Communications School of Shenzhen University and has been spending this academic year at Brooklyn College, I would like to call attention to a one-year research position at Shenzhen University, beginning in fall 2017 (September 2017-January 2018) and focusing on the uses of art in urban and rural environments.  The researcher would work with Professor Li on fairly open topics concerning issues related to art geographies and art interventions in spaces and places from a critical theory perspective, or could help to carry out empirical case studies related to China, including comparisons of Chinese and non-Chinese cities.

Applicants will be evaluated and hired directly by Shenzhen University, and should have a PhD in geography, sociology, architecture, art history, anthropology, media studies, urban studies, or cultural studies.  Salary will reflect both the academic degree and professional experience, and will be paid in RMB (240,000-420,000 RMB, approximately $34,000-$59,000 at the current rate of exchange).  No teaching is required; the successful applicant should show ability to publish at least one journal article in English.  Chinese language ability is desirable but not required.  Housing will not be provided.

The job listing is only available on the Shenzhen University website:

For more information please visit the official website of human resources department of SZU at

Professors, associate professors, or assistant professors may apply to Shenzhen city government  for subsidies ranging from RMB1600,000 to RMB3000,000 on different talent plans. The official website for these talent plans is

If you’re interested, please send your 1) CV, 2)college and PhD diplomas, and 3)publications and  relevant materials, to this e-mail address:

Although Professor Li is not the official contact person for the university, she will be glad to answer questions about research plans:

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